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Republican 'mullahs'?

by Tim Graham

Cover Story | Think McCain was hard on the Christian Right? Reporters went even more negative

Cover Stories

California says, 'I do'

by Lynn Vincent

Cover Story | Ballot initiative turns back gay assault on the traditional understanding of marriage

Cover Stories

And the winners are ...

by Bob Jones

Cover Story | Then there were two: After the Super Tuesday voting swamped the Democratic and Republican insurgent candidacies of Bill Bradley and John McCain, the two…

In this issue: "It's Bush vs. Gore," March 18, 2000


The new killing fields

By Greg Dabel

International | Cambodia's AIDS epidemic may be as devastating as Pol Pot's mega-purge

By the skin of its teeth

By Andrée Seu

National | St. Patrick and the unlikely spread of Christendom

A 'living' Constitution?

By Cal Thomas

National | What Gore really advocates is designer law, subject to changing whims



Do you think more about your 'image' now that you have a child? Good Housekeeping to pop star Madonna. Of course I think more about what I say and what I do.

The Buzz

By The Editors

but fundraising scams elicit a big-network yawn 'It's a hard day' Do Democratic fundraising scandals ever cease? A Justice Department task force subpoenaed at…


The distinctives

By Marvin Olasky

Christian college, State U.: different standards needed

Beyond pack journalism

By Joel Belz

WORLD will always march to a different drummer


Defending McCain I have long held a high opinion of WORLD and its willingness to take a strong stand on issues, but I was disappointed with the trashing of…



By The Editors

Culture | The 5 bestselling CDs in Contemporary Christian music for the week ending Feb. 27, 2000, according to Soundscan

The real anti-Catholics

By Gene Edward Veith

Culture | Secularists play the religion card without understanding religion

Computer Games

By The Editors

Culture | The five top PC computer games according to PC Data, for the week ending Feb. 19

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