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by The Editors

Cover Story | Last week was one that pushed Christian and conservative journalists and pro-life leaders to remember biblical injunctions against envy.

In this issue: "Roe vs. Wade 2000," Jan. 22, 2000


Not in our backyard

Abortion | Small conservative community resists overture by Planned Parenthood to establish a local killing center

Abortion by the numbers

By The Editors

Abortion | QUICK TAKES: U.S. abortion rate declines even as deadly new methods are discovered, from baby pesticides to abandonment; adoption suffers a setback in Oregon;

Can't beat 'em? Smear 'em

By Lynn Vincent

Abortion | As CPCs gain attention and respect providing compassionate alternatives to abortion, nervous pro-abort activists dust off an old anti-CPC smear campaign

You oughta know

By Susan Olasky

Education | This is not your mother's abstinence class: Hard-hitting, fact-based abstinence message, wrapped in MTV packaging, is edging out amoral sex-ed curricula

Problem parents

By Candi Cushman

Bloodied teenagers slam each other into broken glass, metal tacks, and barbed wire as their parents watch quietly from the sidelines. Real TV featured this…

Freedom from fear

By Candi Cushman

Education | The safe-sex cartel's monopoly on public-school sex education faces a growing threat



You can drink yourself to death if that's what you want to do. But why do you insist on driving and risking the lives of others? New Mexico judge Michael…

News & Reviews

By The Editors

the digital revolution marches on AOL Time Warner takes 2 to tango A walk in the Vermont woods. Dinner in Manhattan. Dinner in suburban Virginia. With that, a…



The lions await Thank you so much for believing in my generation. Christian teenagers around the world are sick and tired of being stereotyped as lazy,

Why I'm pro-choice

By Andrée Seu

Because for all of us, life is a string of choices

Rather off his Rocker

By Joel Belz

Calculating every little innuendo to make abnormal seem normal

Baby pictures

By Marvin Olasky

How an ultrasound can change opinions-and save lives


Censuring 'censorship'

By Roy Maynard

Culture | PBS series at least recognizes that liberals want discretion exercised, too

Tasty alternatives

By Chris Stamper

Culture | Toys over school, veggies over meat, and William F. Buckley over the liberal establishment

Hippocrates or hypocrite

By Gene Edward Veith

Culture | Most doctors have taken an oath not to commit abortion or euthanasia

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