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Cover Stories

Farm reform fumble

by Timothy Lamer

Cover Story | If Republicans in Congress have been playing a ball-control style of offense this year (see main story), then they were thrown for a loss, and perhaps even…

Cover Stories

Flack attack

by Bob Jones

Cover Story | Critics have a favorite nickname for the national legislators of 1999: The do-nothing Congress. Evidently, those critics haven't been reading the press…

Cover Stories

Fighting for inches

by Bob Jones

Cover Story | With a razor-thin majority in the House and a hostile chief executive on the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue, congressional Republicans had to be content…

In this issue: "Mid-term, mid-field pileup," Dec. 11, 1999


Tales of the heart

By Janie B. Cheaney

National | The controversy at Hillsdale College shows the real shortcoming of standard conservatism

Curbing the online ramp

By Chris Stamper

National | A St. Louis mall forbids ads for Internet sales

Uncivil society

International | Ten years after the defeat of the communist system, Poland is a free and growing country, but not a very nice place



Less use of colorful language and less sexuality. Jim Byrne, vice president of marketing for the World Wrestling Federation, on the new style of WWF shows in…

News & Reviews

By The Editors

Protesters against Seattle trade conference riot Seattle slew Save the whales, smash a Starbucks. Demonstrations against the World Trade Organization turned…



His side Thank you for featuring Kenneth Starr and giving him an opportunity to tell his side of the story ("An honest cop," Nov. 13). I have to admit that I…

Hypocrisy watch

By Marvin Olasky

A dozen years of evidence concerning media bias

Dust off the angels

By Andrée Seu

But remember that real ones are not tame

Beyond tidy kitchens

By Joel Belz

The question is: Are there vitamins in the food?


The Movies

By The Editors

Culture | The top 5 videos in popularity as measured by rental receipts for the week ended Nov. 21

Books: Gurl vs. young lady

By Roy Maynard

Books | Two manuals for young girls: One markets feminism, lesbianism, and abortion to 10-year-olds; the other tells the story of a daughter who stood by her…

Change a 10?

By Chris Stamper

Culture | The Treasury creates more ugly money, a bank builds a Sherlock Holmes memorial, and other cultural buzz

A look at the bright side

By Gene Edward Veith

Culture | 1999 was a year of crossing over, making new allies, and winning some small cultural victories

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