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Cover Story

'An honest cop'

by Bob Jones

Cover Story | Yes, Ken Starr's faith affected his investigation of President Clinton, but not in the way most people think. Far from making him too partisan, it kept him…

In this issue: "Ken Starr: An honest cop," Nov. 13, 1999


Cream or the coca crop?

By Mindy Belz

International | Christian development activists in Bolivia seek to break peasant farmers of their addiction to cocaine money

Getting the green light

By Chris Stamper

National | S&H Green Stamps enter cyberspace, while Encyclopaedia Britannica and IBM hit hard times

Praying before playing

By Candi Cushman

National | Defying school officials but supported by the governor and the U.S. House, Texas students continue tradition of prayer before football games



If there was a God, he wouldn't let me feel the way I do. There is no God, only hate. From the journal of Kip Kinkel, read aloud during his sentencing hearing…

News & Reviews

By The Editors

Man knows not his time Sweetness The first time I saw Walter Payton in the locker room," said Fred O'Connor, then a Chicago Bears coach, "I thought God must…



Believer's privilege Rep. Dick Armey's article ("American bigotry," Oct. 16) is correct in pointing out the widespread public discrimination against people of…

The fruit basket

By Janie B. Cheaney

Lessons learned from changes of season

Make them ask for it

By Joel Belz

But maybe not quite yet

Millennium's end

By Marvin Olasky

Yes, Kristin, many careers can glorify God


Ram-tough belief

Culture | QB ignites crowd with story of faith, hoops star won't play on the Jewish Sabbath, and other sports news

Old dogs, new tricks

By Chris Stamper

Culture | A historical look at Charlie Brown, and telling the truth about Hitler's ugly attempt to appear charming

Beauty and the breed

By Gene Edward Veith

Culture | A sign that civilization is ova? Genetic engineering, e-commerce promote the survival of the prettiest

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