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'This is for real'

by Lynn Vincent

Cover Story | Bits and pieces of the tragedy in Fort Worth have been reported. With a high-decibel youth rally going on in the sanctuary, and two already dead, Larry Gene…

Cover Stories

Wedgwood witnesses

by R. Albert Mohler Jr.

Cover Story | Where is God in the tragedy in Texas? Receiving glory from His faithful witnesses in Ft. Worth

Cover Stories

Chronology of the rampage

by The Editors

Cover Story | 1. Ashbrook enters the building by way of the south portico and confronts gathered members of the church. He opens fire in the foyer, killing Sydney Browning.

In this issue: "Wedgwood shooting," Oct. 2, 1999


A milestone, with many miles to go

By Mindy Belz

International | Religious freedom activists praise the State Department's first report on worldwide religious freedom, but fault the government for trimming its sails with…

Caught in the conflict

International | Colombian evangelicals find themselves under attack by both guerrillas and paramilitary forces

'Terrific burden of violence'

International | Observers worry that new attacks in Colombia deliberately target Christians

E-cars and e-cash

By Chris Stamper

National | Through e-commerce, Bill Gates can sell automobiles and prisoners can sell art; Sega tries to turn its Japanese nightmare into a U.S. dream; and Swiss bank…

Religion News

By Edward E. Plowman

National | The era of Henry Lyons is over William I. Shaw, 65, a Philadelphia pastor, won the presidency of the National Baptist Convention, U.S.A., last month in Tampa,

Señores October

National | Rodriguez, Gonzales, Vizquel: Three hard workers who will lead their MLB teams into the postseason

Congress' culture cops

By Bob Jones

National | Senator wants to know: Who lost the culture?

One good thing

By Cal Thomas

National | Touched by an Angel takes on Sudanese slavery

Home sweet Hope

By Susan Olasky

National | From Bill Clinton's report card to the Excelsior Hotel, Arkansas boasts ample reminders-some more subtle than others-that the president slept here


News & Reviews

By The Editors

2,100-plus dead following Taiwan earthquake Fear and trembling As rescue workers plunged into their third major earthquake in a month, onlookers wondered…


I wouldn't just give them a handout. Miss America 2000 Heather Renee French, who plans to take up the cause of homeless veterans, on how she would not…



Grateful for Google Thank you for writing about ("Search for a search engine," Aug. 7). It is a great search engine that has saved me a great deal…

Ministry of Culture, Inc.

By Andrée Seu

So who needs censorship, anyway?

It's not beanbag

By Marvin Olasky

But don't run away from politics

It's really happening

By Joel Belz

Just because of earlier false starts, don't think education isn't changing


Hollywood goes spiritual

By Gene Edward Veith

Culture | Why should the devil get all the good movies?

The culture of Mammon

By Chris Stamper

Culture | Mass stock trading sets itself up for a fall, keychains go digital, and other cultural buzz

TV: Orwell with muppets

By Roy Maynard

Television | Turner Network's production of the anti-totalitarian classic Animal Farm rings true

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