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Stop! In the name of the law

Cover Story | After 1,000 years of painstaking legal development, relativism threatens to rip the fabric of the rule of law

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It's not a video game

Cover Story | All the technological advances in warmaking haven't altered the central reality that war is horrible

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Assault and light

Cover Story | Expansion, corruption, reformation, persecution: Is there a biblical pattern here?

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Medical advances through the millennium

by The Editors

Cover Story Sidebar | c. 1020 Persian "Prince of Physicians" Avicenna (Abu Ali Sina) writes Canon of Medicine, a famous summation of Greco-Arabian medicine that dominates medieval…

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A historical timeline

by The Editors

Cover Story Sidebar | 1000-1099 1054 Final split between Eastern and Western Christianity 1066 Norman conquest of England 1096 Start of First Crusade (Jerusalem taken 1099)

Cover Stories

Dollars and sense

Cover Story | Education drifted from classical Greek and biblical worldviews and became just another form of training-whether its intent was to shape a better citizenry or…

In this issue: "2000: The Millennium," July 31, 1999


From Pascal to point & click

By Chris Stamper

Technology | In the technological world, the abacus held sway for most of the millennium; the latest, greatest computer system gives way to the later, greater system each…

No cure for the Fall

Medicine | Despite all the technological, scientific leaps forward, the modern medical community seems only now to realize what the doctors of the Middle Ages understood

Governing government

By J. Budziszewski

Politics | The most successful advances in political systems in this millennium lay not in the development of new ideas, but of old ideas, newly applied to government

Sixpence none the richer

Commentary | Ever dreamed of living like royalty? Count your blessings: If you can afford this magazine, you're already much better off economically than most kings ever…


Progress makes perfect?

Or so say those who hold to the idea of human perfectability. But even in an era of remarkable human progress, the human condition has not changed since the…

Read for yourself

By Marvin Olasky

Technology changed the world only after theology led the way

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