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Cover Story

Top 40 books

Cover Story | The best titles proclaiming or applying a biblical worldview in a hostile 20th century

In this issue: "Top 40 Books," July 3, 1999


Kosovo's real lesson

International | Technology hasn't changed the realities of war

Pressler pressure

By Edward E. Plowman

National | Architect of the conservative takeover of the Southern Baptist Convention tells his story

Running on religion

By Cal Thomas

National | Can the government meet our spiritual needs?

Pay your own way

By Bob Jones

National | New legislation would protect schools from paying plaintiff's lawyers in church-state cases

Ducking the "A" word

By Timothy Lamer

National | Gore says he will take a forthright stand on the issue of "choice," so why the euphemisms to avoid saying abortion?

God and Gore

By Bob Jones

National | How far can Gore go with his emphasis on religion?


Making books obsolete?

By Chris Stamper

Information media come and go by the month, but libraries may go the way of Divx


He's cool again. Universal Pictures' Brian Glazer, on Playboy founder Hugh Hefner. Together with director Ron Howard, Mr. Glazer is planning a film biography…

News & Reviews

By The Editors

Kosovo: American forces come under fire A messy peace On June 23, U.S. forces fell under attack in Kosovo for the second time in a week. About 30 Marines…



What a shame Thank you for staying abreast of the activities of the International Bible Society and its efforts to publish a regendered translation ("There…


By Andrée Seu

We're tempted to make nice, but Christ never did

Guilt-trip politics

By Joel Belz

One possible explanation for the rise of George W. Bush

London, D.C.

By Marvin Olasky

Conservatives also ignore the need to decentralize


Bigtime Christian fiction

By F. W. Baue

Books | John Grisham gets explicit with his faith in his latest bestseller, as Frederick Buechner earns critical acclaim

Fighting the demons

By Roy Maynard

Books | Frank Peretti's new novel is his best and most perceptive, teaching readers to battle bad theology

Sometimes, hope sells

By Beth Impson

Books | An interview with bestselling author Jan Karon

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