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Cover Story

Another day at the office

by Mindy Belz

Cover Story | For U.S. airmen fighting the Yugoslavian war out of Italy, every day is starting to feel like déjà vu all over again. With controversy about mission and…

In this issue: "Life of a warrior," June 12, 1999


Death in the desert

By Les Sillars

National | Greater Phoenix has great weather, a booming economy, and one of the highest youth suicide rates in America

Religion Notes

National | Divinity dean sacked for smut When Harvard Divinity School dean Ronald F. Thiemann, a Lutheran theologian, suddenly stepped down from his post last November,

To the front of the bus

By Cal Thomas

National | Could the spontaneous prayer at a Maryland graduation ceremony spark a new civil-rights revolution?


Don't wait up for me

By Chris Stamper

Video Games | Internet daytraders as night owls and a new PC video game hurls gasoline onto the Columbine fire


Once the smoke got too thick, there was nothing we could do. People were screaming, 'God, please save us!' Barrett Baber, a passenger who survived the crash…

News & Reviews

By The Editors

Ruling stings poor students, but yields a little good news Technicality kills Cleveland vouchers When it comes to school vouchers, a rule's a rule-even if…



Paying enough Thanks for the sidebar, "Another view on vouchers," with your cover article on vouchers ("Voucher kids," May 15). As a homeschooling family with…

Just one beauty

By Margie Haack

Finding the alternative to our country's worship of youth

Not to be served

By Joel Belz

Are we shirking service and missing God's adventuresome best?

Cause and effect

By Marvin Olasky

God knows, and sometimes we can only guess


Springer in a robe

By Roy Maynard

Culture | Except for Hammy the Hamster, nearly all daytime TV imitates Jerry Springer

Hating our children

By Gene Edward Veith

Culture | Not disciplining children is child abuse

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