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Another view on vouchers

by Timothy Lamer

Cover Story Sidebar | Not every opponent of publicly funded school choice is a member of a leftist teachers' union or the People for the American Way. Some Christians and…

Cover Stories

Voucher Kids

by Roy Maynard

Cover Story | School voucher supporters had their first statewide breakthrough last week. But the real voucher news last week was in Cleveland.

In this issue: "School vouchers debate," May 15, 1999


Massacre post-mortem

International | For evangelicals in tiny Acteal, the rebel message is no balm to divisions from 1997 massacre

Religion Notes

National | Flynt does Georgetown Pornographer Larry Flynt, invited to speak on First Amendment rights by a student organization at Georgetown University in Washington,

Cal Thomas & Ed Dobson respond

By Cal Thomas

National | Cal Thomas & Ed Dobson respond Of the several definitions of politics, the two that seem to have the most bearing on the discussion we're having in these…

Creating a new society

National | "We need to change our strategy"

Blinded by might?

By The Editors

National | Editor's Note: Journalist Cal Thomas and minister Ed Dobson have stirred up some dust this spring with their book, Blinded by Might (Zondervan, 1999). In it the…


'Let right be done'

By Chris Stamper

A G-rated movie for adults takes honor seriously, holding the deed to good deeds, and other cultural buzz


We said a prayer that God would watch over us. Oklahoma City resident Sherrie Conley, telling the Daily Oklahoman how she, her husband, and two sons had…

News & Reviews

By The Editors

Powerful twisters kill at least 43 'Everything was gone' When a killer Midwest tornado struck Moore, Okla., LeeAnn Richardson and 15 others hid in a storm…



It's our job Thank you for your insightful article regarding Christians debating the tax issue ("God, Caesar, & the tax code," April 17). It is crucial to…

The wrong question

By J. Budziszewski

Don't ask how it could happen; ask how it could not

School shakedown

By Joel Belz

Things are likely to get much worse before they get better

The limits of politics

By Marvin Olasky

We live in the United States, not United Christendom


First-person shooters

By Roy Maynard

Culture | A parents' guide to computer games

In praise of teenagers

By Gene Edward Veith

Culture | For all of their problems, some of today's young people give us reason to be optimistic

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