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Meals for the millennium

Cover Story Sidebar | A consumer's guide for Y2K food storage

Cover Stories

Surviving the Y2K panic

by Timothy Lamer

Cover Story | It never hurts to be prepared for disruptions in the food supply and power brownouts, but experts worry that overreaction to the potential for Y 2K-induced…

In this issue: "Surviving the Y2K panic," April 3, 1999


'Tremendously dangerous'

By Mindy Belz

International | Latest move against Kosovo is questioned

Hang together or hang separately?

By Doug Bandow

International | An important American ally makes an uneasy peace with NATO's war in Kosovo

'We all prayed first'

By Roy Maynard

National | Teenage heroes help save lives in Illinois Amtrak crash, but give God all the glory



There's not much of it left. Jack Kevorkian, responding to Judge Jessica Cooper's question, "Do you understand you could spend the rest of your life in…

News & Reviews

nato launches its first attack ever on a sovereign country Yugoslavia under fire NATO launched airstrikes against Yugoslavia in retaliation for its war on…



Wake up I am appalled at the lawyers who are suing companies for the choices of individuals ("Smoking guns," March 6). I am even more appalled at the citizens…

Undeserved treasure

By Margie Haack

Getting a grip on Good Friday

What is religion?

By Joel Belz

Those who define the term hold the trump card

Don't worry

By Marvin Olasky

But do take thought for the morrow


The Christian Oscars

By Gene Edward Veith

Culture | How peer pressure motivates Hollywood

Books: A modest proposal

By Beth Impson

Books | A young woman confounds the cultural elite with her defense of modesty

Accept no imitations

By Chris Stamper

Culture | Movie knock-offs, breaking the Gates monopoly, objective journalism, and other cultural buzz

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