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Cover Story

Night Terrors

by Mindy Belz

Cover Story | Westerners hear many stories about, and see many pictures of, the horror Kosovar Albanians are suffering. But few have heard about conditions for everyday…

In this issue: "Not-so-smart bombs," April 24, 1999


"Genetic terminations"

By Lynn Vincent

National | For some nurses in Canada, pro-choice means no choice

Nurses for life

By Lynn Vincent

National | Frontline medical professionals are turning against abortion, but survey shows increased polarization

A new kind of bus stop

By Bob Jones

National | Cultural hostility to Christian speech may have reached its most absurd extreme: A Seattle bus driver, unhappy with two passengers' conversation about God,

Contempt of country

By Cal Thomas

National | Clinton's contempt citation is not just a legal issue



I don't think we exploit people. Tabloid TV talk-show host Jenny Jones, in testimony in the trial of a $50 million wrongful death lawsuit against The Jenny…

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By The Editors

suicide doctor sentenced to 10 to 25 years Inmate Kevorkian The legal system has called Dr. Death's bluff. "No one, sir, is above the law. No one. You had the…



Too tough on the president I enjoy your magazine and I am no apologist for President Clinton, but your recent cover story on the Los Alamos lab nuclear…

A dream come true

By Andrée Seu

Living in the knowledge of Christ's return

Six Kosovo mistakes

By Joel Belz

Serial skepticism is no way to build foreign policy

Stonewalling, Inc.

By Marvin Olasky

Drop the playbook and work for improvement, please


Hornblower's return

By Gene Edward Veith

Culture | The skillful, edifying fiction of C.S. Forester receives new attention

Unwiring the culture

By Chris Stamper

Culture | Cyberpunks, wimps, DJs, and other cultural buzz

Disney dumps Dogma

By Chris Stamper

Culture | A churchgoer's blasphemous movie is too much for even the Magic Kingdom

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