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Cover Stories

Taming the tax man

by Bob Jones

Cover Story Sidebar | At tax time, all reform proposals look good

Cover Stories

God,Caesar,& the Tax Code

by Bob Jones

Cover Story | Do conservatives have arguments other than sound economics and responsible fiscal policy to back their case for lower taxes? Advocates on the religious left…

In this issue: "God, Caesar and taxes," April 17, 1999


Long flight to safety

By Mindy Belz

International | Border-crossing isn't easy, as Kosovar Albanians risk drowning in a sea of humanity as they flee the flame

The Vietnam syndrome

By Cal Thomas

National | Will Clinton heed the instruction of history?

Checklist for Kosovo

By J. Budziszewski

National | How to distinguish a just war from just war

The coveting of Kosovo

By Timothy Lamer

National | Battle over province is the latest chapter in the Balkan peninsula's long and bloody history

Tax dollars at leisure

By Lynn Vincent

National | Why does Uncle Sam need so much? A short list



I'm not calling myself Reggie White yet, but I've tried to become a better Christian, to show up at church and pay attention for a change. Three-time NFL MVP…

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By The Editors

china's communist premier visits united states Zhu tastes freedom Chinese Premier Zhu Rongji stepped onto American soil at the Los Angeles airport last week…



An American hero I just finished reading your article on "Joltin' Joe" DiMaggio ("He's left and gone away," March 20) and was very impressed. I have never…

No hasty retreats

By Barbara Curtis

Winning the culture war one soul at a time


By Joel Belz

Not exactly: Our kids' papers are the parents of WORLD

Income tax

By Marvin Olasky

There were warnings aplenty, but they were ignored


Rock gets rolled over

By Chris Stamper

Culture | Sluggish rock sales, Hollywood's Matt Drudge, C-SPAN turns 20, and other cultural buzz

Books: Job's question

By Beth Impson

Books | Luis Palau on responding to life's tragedies

University sweatshops?

By Gene Edward Veith

Culture | Grad students and other auto workers

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