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FRC: Define marriage in the U.S. Constitution

by Roy Maynard

Cover Story Sidebar | What tactics should conservatives use to counter these? The FRC's Robert Knight says state-level Defense of Marriage Acts are important, even if the federal…

Cover Stories

Unholy Matrimony

by Roy Maynard

Cover Story | Gay activists have lost numerous recent political battles. Their new strategy is to persuade courts to overrule voters on gay marriage. In Vermont they may…

In this issue: "Unholy matrimony," Feb. 13, 1999


Religion Notes

National | Look West, landlords! Landlords with religious scruples may refuse to rent to unmarried couples in nine Western states, but not in Michigan. In a 2-1 decision…



It's a very frightening concept as a parent that your son now becomes a martyr, a public figure for the world. Judy Shepard, mother of slain student Matthew…

This Week

If thy hand offend thee A 46-year-old man who was once considered an archetype for the success of chemical castration has been sentenced to 40 years in prison…



Murder-for-hire I appreciated your recent coverage of the abortion issue, but I was also disappointed that it neglected to touch on a very salient point:

Reality vs. romanticism

By Andrée Seu

Preferring truth with pain over a comforting lie


By Joel Belz

A fender bender and the fall

Healing the heart

By Marvin Olasky

Theodore Roosevelt found God's faithfulness after disaster


Let's go to the replay

By Beth Impson

Culture | New and upcoming releases at the video store

Books: Dr. Laura's Mt. Sinai

By Roy Maynard

Books | Good on the law, but in need of the gospel

Academic icon exposed

By Gene Edward Veith

Culture | But the academy rushes to her defense

The perils of prosperity

By Chris Stamper

Culture | Irish villagers, e-traders, and early Christians face challenges brought on by success in the marketplace

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