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Cover Story

The end of innocence

by Roy Maynard

Cover Story | Alarmed by mounting costs and soaring illegitimacy rates, America may finally be waking up to the evils of statutory rape. Laws are slow to change, but,

In this issue: "End of the innocence," Jan. 30, 1999


Fundamentalist or radical?

By Mindy Belz

International | With reports that Osama bin Laden, the Islamic terrorist believed to have masterminded the twin bombings at American embassies in Africa last year, is forging…

Saddam strikes back

By Mindy Belz

International | With U.S. airstrikes failing to achieve their ultimate goal, Iraq's dictator strengthens his stranglehold

Show or showdown?

By Edward E. Plowman

National | Gay protest may backfire on Methodists

The 'responsibility era'

By Cal Thomas

National | Undeclared GOP presidential frontrunner, Texas Gov. George Bush, talks about his cultural plan of attack

Good news for weary marchers

By Lynn Vincent

National | Did welfare reform contribute to lower abortion numbers nationwide?



The verdict of history will be that his perjury and witness tampering were true but were excused by Democrats out of partisan loyalty.... He will serve out…

This Week

Seducing the soccer moms With impeachment hanging thick in the air of the Capitol, Bill Clinton took a deep breath and made the final State of the Union…



Sad memories As I read your "Remembering 1998" (Dec. 26), I was overcome with a great sadness. Thinking back over this year I could see it certainly was a…

Lowering the flag

Postmodernism and the great spiritual crisis

Not-so-private sins

By Joel Belz

The president has touched people where he shouldn't have

Houston's big fish

By Marvin Olasky

An experience of evil prepared one man for doing good


Books: Killing the witnesses

By Les Sillars

Books | Those who stood up against Communism in the State Department and in Hollywood have much to teach us


By Chris Stamper

Culture | Everywoman Oprah processes the world, a great movie idea that lacks vision, and piracy or progress

Books: Stealth Sunday schools

By Gene Edward Veith

Books | Has the humanistic education of public schools found a home in some Sunday schools and youth groups?

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