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Cover Stories

God is my strength

by Bob Jones

Cover Story Sidebar | While Ken Starr was spending 12-1/2 hours in the House lions' den, President Clinton was in Japan. Journalists accompanying the presidential entourage…

Cover Stories

Daniel of the Year

by Bob Jones

Cover Story | According to some polls, Ken Starr's popularity is lower than Saddam Hussein's. What is it about this mild-mannered former judge that makes him such a reviled…

In this issue: "Daniel of the Year 1998," Dec. 5, 1998


Berlin's remaining walls

By Roy Maynard

International | The concrete wall is down, communism defeated-but why is the church's enemy more formidable?

Read it and weep

By Edward E. Plowman

National | There are few public skirmishes over the homosexual issue in the 1.4-million-member United Church of Christ these days. Way back in 1980, the church's general…

Gay jihad in California

By Edward E. Plowman

National | After a tense armistice over homosexual "marriage," UMC will again be pushed to the brink of crackup

Color me liberal

By Cal Thomas

National | Newspaper editors should judge not by the color of the reporters, but by the content of their stories

Democratic Republicans

By Roy Maynard

National | As Republicans picked leaders in Washington, a new battle for grassroots party control began



I'm just speechless. Whitewater felon Susan McDougal, after her acquittal last week of embezzlement charges unrelated to the Whitewater matter. Mrs.

This Week

Life imitates art? Movie director and producer Alan Pakula's death was like a scene from one of his movies. A car kicked up a 7-foot section of pipe that had…



Enough already It is so sad that Christians will undoubtedly fall for the lure of The Prince of Egypt ("Answer to prayer," Nov. 7). Multiple millions of dollars…

Becoming incarnate

When did Christ take on human flesh and become man?

Passing on the vision

By Joel Belz

WORLD announces a new four-week summer program


By David Aikman

It's not too late for a once (and future?) leader


Books: Talkin' head

By Roy Maynard

Books | Carville's attack on Clinton's critics could be a textbook on logical fallacies

In need of Rutherford

By Chris Stamper

Culture | Religious cafeteria and other cultural buzz

Books: Much ado about juveniles

By F. W. Baue

Books | Comparing a Judy Blume novel to real literature

In America, toys are us

By Gene Edward Veith

Culture | From toys to television, the culture is pressing children into premature adulthood

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