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Shouting down Christians?

by Bob Jones

Cover Story | Future historians will almost certainly see 1998 as a turning point in American history-and not just because of the impeachment debate. The other watershed of…

In this issue: "The tolerance police," Dec. 19, 1998


Flags and fouls

By The Editors

National | Too many hot-shot athletes engage in unsportsmanlike conduct

Will the controversial papal pronouncement complicate Evangelical/Catholic talks?

By Edward E. Plowman

International | As some two dozen evangelical and Catholic theologians and scholars gathered in New York on Dec. 7 to open the latest round of talks in the Evangelicals and…

A different Y2K crisis

By R. Albert Mohler Jr.

International | Papal pronouncement on indulgences updates a medieval practice, but sparks a new controversy

81 questions, 81 evasions

By Cal Thomas

National | The president's answers to Congress heap contempt upon the impeachment process

Pulling out all the stops

By Bob Jones

National | Clinton's last-ditch effort to derail impeachment



It reminds you that all most of us do for a living is pass around information in bits and bytes. No electricity, and civilization ends as we know it.

This Week

Appealing to the high court Police no longer have the right to search people and their cars after merely giving them traffic tickets. Such a search-without an…



Clear as mud I have a suggestion to address the inclusive language/gender neutral language controversy ("Buyer beware," Nov. 21). My company had a similar…

Christmas challenge

By William H. Smith

The biblical order of grace, gratitude, and giving

Tired of Y2K?

By Joel Belz

The problem itself isn't what you should fear

The three glories

By Marvin Olasky

A Christmas goal: Becoming missionaries in the rye


Rewriting liberalism

By Chris Stamper

Culture | Fighting squished history & other cultural buzz

The power of the word

By Gene Edward Veith

Culture | How The Prince of Egypt was made

Of biblical proportions

By Gene Edward Veith

Movies | Skip the product tie-ins, but The Prince of Egypt is a worthwhile film for WORLD readers and their families

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