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Cover Story Sidebar | A Bible for evangelicals: The genesis of the NIV In 1965, an informal group of scholars from a variety of evangelical denominations and schools met in Palos…

Cover Stories

October surprise

by Edward E. Plowman

Cover Story | Eighteen months after the International Bible Society announced it had abandoned its "inclusive-language" Bible project, fresh supplies of the gender-neutral…

In this issue: "Bible translation blues," Nov. 21, 1998


How you can help

International | Many organizations are providing relief to victims of Hurricane Mitch. These groups are all in good repute but WORLD has not screened them beyond general…

Mitch cripples Honduras, but Christians offer hope

International | Snapshots from the eye of a deadly storm

Gender neutralized

National | Wycliffe backs out of February gender-language conference; organizers pull the plug



I would consider taking business class, particularly with the present difficult times for the economy. Andrew Leung, a Hong Kong official in the Chinese…

This Week

Hey Big Spender How much will it cost businesses to prepare computers for Y2K? Publicly traded companies are now required to report these costs to the…



Educate first Lynn Vincent's well-done article on whether we will ever have a pro-life governor in California brings up a series of interesting philosophical…

Lost in wonderland

By J. Budziszewski

Why our countrymen deny what they already know

Pig goes to market

By Joel Belz

His owner's commitment helped in last week's celebration

The two Jeffersons

By Marvin Olasky

Both failed as doers and as men


Electronic reformation?

By Chris Stamper

Culture |, secrets, and other cultural buzz

Hamlet or Betty the Yeti

By Gene Edward Veith

Culture | Universities that reject dead white males like Shakespeare are committing intellectual suicide

Beltway Books: Searching instead for an agenda-neutral Bible

By Vern S. Poythress

Books | Books on the Bible translation debate try to smooth over the conflict, but end up conceding too much

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