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Cover Story

True colors

by Bob Jones

Cover Story | Is the Republican Party a whites-only political club? In some cases, party leaders' efforts to recruit minority candidates are hampered by anti-immigrant…

In this issue: "America votes 1998," Oct. 31, 1998


Drac's comeback

By Roy Maynard

International | He's not just a Halloween thing; Dracula the populist is enjoying a resurgence as Romania struggles to find its place in the post-communist world

Power to the people

By Bob Jones

National | CITIZEN INITIATIVES: Direct democracy is being tapped to settle issues from the profound to the obscure



One should call an adulterous liar exactly what he is-a criminal. Shane Sellers, a 20-year veteran of the Marines, in a Navy Times column. Maj. Sellers is one…

This Week

World in brief The fox and the hedgehog Negotiators for unity and peace in Northern Ireland John Hume and David Trimble will be the recipients of this year's…


Sound out ar-ro-gant

By Joel Belz

An academic elite still hasn't come to terms with the reading problem

It's only human

By Janie B. Cheaney

It's an excuse that shows no understanding of sin


Any risktakers? Bob Jones IV has made a point that draws a clear parallel between the plight of our brothers and sisters who are at risk in this nation from…


By Marvin Olasky

It's too early to give up on change in Washington


All the president's videos

By Pamela Johnson

Culture | If movies are but a reflection of society, Hollywood and Washington are but a house of mirrors

The latest big events

By Chris Stamper

Culture | Oprah the movie and other cultural buzz

Morality, prosperity

By Gene Edward Veith

Culture | Despite what some politicians say, a free-market economy requires a moral culture

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