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Cover Story

Life is not a party

by Bob Jones

Cover Story | Abortion under the modern Democratic Party is supposed to be safe, legal, and rare, and the lonely pro-life Democrat has the same theoretical status: It's…

In this issue: "Life is not a party," Oct. 3, 1998


Finding their voice

By Mindy Belz

International | China's house-church Christians come forth in faith, even as Western experts warn them against being uppity

The racial angle

National | Some sports journalists seek to create a racial and ethnic rift between McGwire-Sosa in their home-run chase

The truth about truancy

By Lynn Vincent

National | Activists complain daytime curfews make criminals of homeschoolers; suit makes constitutional challenge

Sex, lies, on videotape

By Timothy Lamer

National | A salacious investigation? It's just TV as usual



F.R.O.G. The same USA Today article quoting a Christian goods manufacturer and distributor who hopes his new acronym-for "Fully Rely on God"-will catch on. As…

This Week

But so what? Hit the pause button. More than 22 million Americans tuned in a network or cable broadcast to view President Clinton's grand jury testimony, but…



Religious education Educating children is a religious endeavor ("What will it take to get School-to-Work?" Sept. 5). Moses said, "Teach your children these…

Is He in the dorm?

By Margie Haack

Roommate trouble can challenge our trust in God

"No end of grief"-part II

By Joel Belz

Even good people are part of this perplexing national problem


By Marvin Olasky

Will Bill Clinton's blindness cost American lives?


Music: Hitting rock bottom

By Terry Yount

Music | Even quality rock music falls far short morally

Back to civilization

By Chris Stamper

Culture | The rise of neo-swing and other cultural buzz

There is truth, after all

By Gene Edward Veith

Culture | Reality breaks in on the postmodernists

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