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Cover Story

I am woman (hear me roar!)

by Bob Jones

Cover Story | Was the 1992 "year of the woman" overhyped?

In this issue: "Who's marching now?," Oct. 17, 1998


It's the economy, dummkopf!

By Roy Maynard

International | Clintonism gets another franchise in Europe: After 16 years of Kohl, Germany's new leader forms a new government with old communists and wild-card Greens

Religion Notes

National | Jammin' in D.C. For Constitution Avenue in the nation's capital, it was something different. Never mind that most of Washington was consumed with the…

Web of heresy

By Edward E. Plowman

National | Mainline church feminist group's WWW site stores heretical literature, points surfers to gay sites; PCUSA tries to put out fire, but first douses conservative…



I'm a big evidence guy, and the evidence [supporting Christianity] was overwhelming to me. I came to the conclusion that we're here for a reason, and there…

This Week

Shoot or shut up As NATO leaders met last week to decide whether to intervene militarily in Kosovo, journalists and international monitors on the ground were…



God is the moral authority In "Character cuts both ways," (Sept. 19) you reported that the editor of the Indianapolis News indicated that, since Dan Burton…

Dear Gordon

By William H. Smith

An open letter to a spiritual counselor of the president

Death to the schools

By Joel Belz

If you love the kids, you'll keep them from harm

World serious

By Marvin Olasky

A brief introduction to baseball theology


The New Age Dante

By Chris Stamper

Culture | Eternity, bugs, and other cultural buzz

The new state church

By Gene Edward Veith

Culture | But in exchange for the new secular ministry, the state will expect its citizens to kneel

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