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Cover Story

Get real

by Chris Stamper

Cover Story | Master of reality fiction, acclaimed author Larry Woiwode has found Christ, but can he find an audience?

In this issue: "Larry Woiwode: By the book," July 4, 1998


Publishing, perishing

By F. W. Baue

Economy | Both Christian and secular publishers are giving in to the same economic pressures


This Week

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Feet of clay

By Marvin Olasky

Bill Clinton's 19th-century predecessor

The drive to arrive

An immigrant's 4th of July commitment to America

Mountaintop experience

By Joel Belz

The Appalachian Trail is both under- and overrated

Getting too real?

By Gene Edward Veith

How far is too far for a Christian writer?


Books: Pomo-evangelicals

Books | Theologians as wannabe postmodernists

Literary microbrews

By George Grant

Culture | Small presses have some of the best books

A movie for X-philes

By Chris Stamper

Culture | A big-screen underachiever, more questions without good answers, and other cultural buzz

Reviews: The evolving door

By Roy Maynard

Museums | Books on evolution show the debate over our origins didn't end with the famous Scopes trial

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