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Cover Stories

Rethinking divorce

by Roy Maynard

Cover Story | Is America's love affair with divorce nearing an end? New legislation strengthening the legal bond is slowly gaining acceptance among policymakers, but church…

Cover Stories

Blame and shame

Cover Story | Louisiana puts right and wrong into divorce law

In this issue: "Rethinking divorce," June 13, 1998


Justice delayed: Tokyo gets its own O.J. trial

By Mindy Belz

International | Japan's clogged court system struggles to punish a celebrity cultist and his band of terrorists

Redefining liberalism

By David Aikman

National | With his insistence on fiscal leanness, liberal mayor shakes up Democratic politics

Dylan for dollars

By Roy Maynard

National | Young, energetic conservative challenger puts some serious cash behind his test of new ideas

Is Clinton a liar?

By Cal Thomas

National | Even The Washington Post suggests that "plain language" should start at the top

Nothing but fear itself

By Lynn Vincent

National | Californians were frightened away from one ballot measure, but mustered courage on another

Religion Notes

National | Telling the truth? Are Americans lying to pollsters about their church attendance habits? Or are the "scientific" samples of interviewees flawed? Or both?

Revolutionary president

By R. Albert Mohler Jr.

National | With the likely election of Patterson as SBC president, the "Battle for the Bible" will have come full circle



An uphill battle from the start. U.S. Rep. Jay Kim (R-Calif.) on his defeat in the Republican primary last week. Rep. Kim pleaded guilty last August to…

This Week

Worst since WWII More than 1,000 workers in central Germany clawed through debris in search of victims-and clues-in Germany's worst train disaster since World…



Rebuilding Thank you for your excellent tribute to Mrs. Taylor of Family House ("Mrs. Taylor's neighborhood," May 16). Along with others from my suburban…

No cheerleading

By Marvin Olasky

In assessing revival results, wait and hope

His little girl

By Barbara Curtis

Trusting the Heavenly Father after an earthly one fails

Graduating to what?

By Joel Belz

The world kindergartners inherit won't be much different. Will they?


Culture Beat: Theater of blasphemy

By David Aikman

Culture | The play depicting Jesus as a homosexual will go on-and yes, your tax dollars were involved

The Buzz: Three versions of hope

By Chris Stamper

Culture | Hollywood and Graham both go country

Books: Things that go boom

By George Grant

Books | Culture, atomic bombs: An Indian Christian's cultural analysis should be required reading in Washington

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