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Cover Story

Mrs. Taylor's neighborhood

by Bob Jones

Cover Story | Even as local governments struggle to innovate their public assistance--from welfare reform to Medicare to education-cities such as Milwaukee are increasingly…

In this issue: "Charity begins at home," May 16, 1998


Renewing Ecuadorian compassion

International | The motorboat loaded with foodstuffs slows, and Quito pastor Hugo Palacios shouts to a flood victim to come ashore. "We bring these rations on behalf of the…

The El Niño harvest

International | Weather disturbance is more than an inconvenience; it places at risk a way of life in Ecuador

Clinton's tangled Webb

By Cal Thomas

National | To roll or not to roll; for the president's jailhouse buddies, that is the question

Congressman "No"

By Bob Jones

National | A "little-L" libertarian, Ron Paul is almost always alone voting against "big-G" government



Payoff Clinton. Notation by Susan McDougal on an August 1983 check for $5,081.82 that she signed over to Madison Guaranty Savings & Loan. President…

This Week

Changing the subject First, the president and his defenders were shocked, shocked about the invasion of Webster Hubbell's privacy after tapes of his…


God's guardian angels

By Joel Belz

We have a big assignment-but defending him isn't part of it

On being average

By William H. Smith

An address to the graduating class of 1998


Do your thing Mr. Belz, the "very thought of Christians by the thousands deliberately choosing to flee from the culture we are called here to affect" does not…

Winning the South

By Marvin Olasky

Samuel Davies's godly preaching took Virginia by storm


Books: Down the tunnel of light

By Les Sillars

Books | Christian physician is skeptical of near death experiences on the basis of medicine and the Bible

Obituary of worldviews

By Chris Stamper

Culture | Death of postmodernism & other cultural buzz

Books: A theory of everything

By Roy Maynard

Books | Harvard scientist thinks he has it all figured out

The new Pharisees

By Gene Edward Veith

Culture | In an age of morality lite, America wants self-righteousness without righteousness

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