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Cover Story

Rebels yell

by Bob Jones

Cover Story | At the risk of losing a GOP primary election, a southern Republican eschews the race-conscious "southern strategy" and urges racial reconciliation. Meanwhile,

In this issue: "The politics of grace," April 25, 1998


Bulldogs, bodyguards

By Greg Dabel

International | Peace accord notwithstanding, Guatemala remains an armed camp. Now, it's on fire-literally

A shot in the arm?

National | Parents fear government databases undermine privacy and could lead to discrimination

What a miracle looks like

By Edward E. Plowman

National | Alabama churches celebrate Easter, thanking God for his grace days after a deadly Spring twister

Religion Notes

National | CBN settles In a settlement with the Internal Revenue Service, Pat Robertson's Christian Broadcasting Network agreed to pay an undisclosed but "significant"


This Week

Evading justice? (I) Cheating pursuers who believed they were days away from capturing him for trial, toppled Khmer Rouge leader Pol Pot apparently died in…


I have real concerns ...that we try to give human qualities to animals. Even though ...there's some reasoning power present, they are not humans. Animal…



Moody blues I am saddened by Moody Bible Institute's refusal to carry Dr. Dobson's program featuring Adrian Rogers's sermon on immorality in government…

Hype isn't help

By Marvin Olasky

Small acts of compassion outweigh big talk

He rules over all

By Margie Haack

Only God's sovereignty has the power to comfort our souls

Believing everything

By Joel Belz

Watch out whenever someone calls "religion" a separate category


The year zero campaign

By Chris Stamper

Culture | Starting history from scratch, Grumpy and Grumpier, & other cultural buzz

Books: More than pundits

By George Grant

Books | Two contemporary writers show that an old-fashioned brand of journalistic commentary is not dead yet

Books: Where's daddy?

By Roy Maynard

Books | Extremism in defense of honor is no vice, but by the standards of today it is undoubtedly extremism

Technological walls

By Gene Edward Veith

Culture | New devices seek to filter out impurities on television and the World Wide Web, but they are not enough

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