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Cover Story

Focus on a family feud

by Bob Jones

Cover Story | Republican regulars face their biggest political crisis of the '90s in the wake of James Dobson's bombshell announcement that he's ready to leave the GOP and…

In this issue: "Focus on a family feud," Feb. 27, 1998


Definitions are key in debates over theology

By Edward E. Plowman

National | The six-page Evangelicals and Catholics Together statement, "The Gift of Salvation," known as ECT II, focuses mainly on seven themes: redemption (it "has been…

Trent or Westminster?

By Edward E. Plowman

National | At the core of the Evangelicals and Catholics Together debate: Can the two traditions coexist?

The Gift of Salvation

National | The full text of the six-page paper "The Gift of Salvation," also known as ECT II


The Buzz

Rebellion Is Big Business Nike tells us to just do it. Business consultants teach us to thrive on chaos. Big record companies sell digital rebellion. The…

Religion Notes

SBC's MIAs America's largest Protestant denomination is the Southern Baptist Convention, but more than half of the 15.7 million members carried on the rolls…


They plan to hoist the American flag and play their national anthem, to rub in our noses that which we used to trample underfoot only last year. Mohammad-Reza…

This Week

We're in this together Promise Keepers founder and president Bill McCartney was in tears as he made the stunning announcement to more than 300 PK employees at…


TV & Film: Myth illogical heroes

By Pamela Johnson

Culture | On television, the Hercules and Xena franchises simply aren't ancient enough

Poetry: Poetry, the macho art

By Roy Maynard

Culture | If you hate poetry, you can blame the spirit of the age, but also yourself



Death's design Joel Belz, in his editorial "Uncurbed dogma" (Jan. 31), makes reference to the question of death before the Fall. I too, as a creationist, have…

Jeroboam Clinton

By Marvin Olasky

The good times rolled during the reign of a wicked king

Preserving innocence

By Jay Grelen

Keeping our children pure in an age when anything goes

First things first

By Joel Belz

Until the commander's honesty is established, we've got no business at war

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