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Figures don't lie, but…

Cover Story Sidebar | There's no question about it: Bill Clinton is engaging in a pattern of deception. Using carefully chosen words, he is omitting pertinent information. His…

Cover Stories

The Honorable Steve Largent

by Bob Jones

Cover Story | Introducing WORLD's tour guide through the federal budget process

In this issue: "Steve Largent," Feb. 13, 1998


I'm not your Valentine

By Roy Maynard

National | The rules of disengagement can keep sexual temptation at bay, but in the Clinton era, do those rules still apply?

Mismanaging minds

By Cal Thomas

National | On education, Congress should put up a fight

Anti-unisex backlash

National | Liberal theologians seek to preserve a literal Bible translation, even at the risk of patriarchalism



Creating multiple copies of God's unique handiwork devalues human dignity and turns children into mere 'products' of adult whims. House majority leader Dick…

This Week

Death with dignity Karla Faye Tucker smiled as the thick leather belts strapped her to the death gurney. She hummed quietly as she began to pass into deep…


We are what we think

By Joel Belz

So why are we surprised by the blasé attitude toward Clinton?

Lincoln's deeper side

By Marvin Olasky

How a war turned a skeptic into a praying man

Regaining lost ground

Catholics and Protestants can unite on social issues


Divided church It doesn't surprise me that society approves of abortion, as we are a death-embracing culture ("One step forward," Jan 17). What bothers me is…


Books: The lay of the land

By George Grant

Books | Good maps are mental charts to history

Books: The concept of honor

By Roy Maynard

Books | An anthology of the founders shows our loss

Style and substance

By Chris Stamper

Culture | Spicy girls, prose, and other cultural buzz

Birds, bees, and bovine

By Gene Edward Veith

Culture | Genetic reproductive technology is helping to bring on the brave new world

Books: Religion as material

By F. W. Baue

Books | At Lake Wobegon, all the books are above average

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