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The Global Warming Smoke Screen

Cover Story | Global warming! Global warming! I must run and tell the king! Chicken Little, the king already knows. A shrewd softening-up campaign by the Clinton…

In this issue: "Global Warming," Nov. 29, 1997


The blind leading the blind

Politics | Opposing the Kyoto Conference

Presidential character

By Cal Thomas

National | New books raise old questions about our chief executives

The death of the party

By Edward E. Plowman

National | WORLD's religion correspondent remembers Anton LaVey

Another 10,000 miles to go before I sleep

By Greg Dabel

International | The long journey is only the first hurdle in the business of international adoptions, but it's clearly a growth industry

Fuel for thought

Politics | Supporting the Kyoto Conference



The present tax code is about 10 times longer than the Bible, a lot more complicated, and, unlike the Bible, contains no good news. Sen. DON NICKLES…

This Week

Law? What law? Illegal aliens in California will get to keep their welfare benefits a while longer. A federal judge in Los Angeles again blocked enforcement…



A few bright spots Kudos to your magazine on addressing the distressing lack of quality in today's Christian fiction market ("A lot of growing up to do," Oct.

Lost habits of the heart

By Marvin Olasky

Do we have the Supreme Court we deserve?

Thanksgiving leftovers

By Margie Haack

Properly understood, our thankfulness would never grow cold

Culture evaders, embracers

By Joel Belz

Some shared biblical truths may be driving us closer together


Film: Viewers get Beaned

By Chris Stamper

Movies | British humor works on PBS, but not on the big screen

Books: Education and more

By George Grant

Books | How homeschooling can invigorate the whole family

Books: Replicator or creator: two worldviews clash

By Roy Maynard

Books | Scientists Pinker and Pascal travel two very different paths

Books: 1860 or 1960?

By F. W. Baue

Books | The similarities make Cold Mountain a bestselling novel

Culture Notes

Culture | Mehr pornographie, bitte: Germans want more sex on TV Americans in Europe have long been taken aback by the sex and nudity shown on European television.

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