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Cover Story


by Mindy Belz

Cover Story | THE MODERN MARTYRS: The international crisis of religious persecution takes no break as Washington deliberates its response

In this issue: "The persecuted church," Nov. 1, 1997


Time to go private?

By Les Sillars

International | Newfoundland votes to end church control of public schools

Canadian cold front

International | Government initiatives against Christianity on the rise

ECFA suspends mission over fundraising letters

By Jay Grelen

National | Financial watchdog says it's serious about truth with donors

Hot air on warming

By Cal Thomas

National | One cheer for President Clinton on the greenhouse treaty



In the David-versus-Goliath battle between the taxpayer and the IRS, David is about to get a bigger slingshot. House Ways and Means Committee chairman BILL…

This Week

The nation's top doc? Late in the Washington news cycle on Friday, Oct. 17, President Clinton quietly vetoed yet again legislation overwhelmingly approved by…



Mission impossible I was saddened to see the negative piece on mission fundraising ("But it's for a good cause," Sept. 27). If we dispense with Reid and his…

A different tradition

By Timothy Lamer

Dabney, Machen warned of government entanglement

The price of immorality

Modern medicine ignores biblical morality at its own peril

Second thoughts

By Marvin Olasky

A welcome 20th anniversary; the 40th might be better


Video: Reformation on video

By Pamela Johnson

Video | The lives of the Reformers make for gripping drama

Books: Revisiting the apostle

By George Grant

Books | A.N. Wilson's brilliant mind is a terrible thing to waste

Film: 100 years ago today

By Chris Stamper

Movies | In the 19th-century vogue, Henry James is no Jane Austen

TV: Shocking the flock

By John W. Alexander

Television | For liberal priest or sitcom pastor nothing can be sacred

Culture Notes

Culture | Ignoble prize The Nobel prize for literature went to Italian playwright Dario Fo, an unrepentant Marxist whose plays satirize capitalism, Italian politics,

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