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Building a better BOYCOTT

by Roy Maynard

Cover Story | As "Gay Days" spread to other theme parks, proponents of the Disney boycott are seeing some success in the face of nagging divisions. They are also finding…

Cover Stories

Duped by Disney?

Cover Story Sidebar | In more innocent times, the annual "Night of Joy" at Walt Disney World must have seemed harmless. Open the park after hours to those with special tickets,

In this issue: "Building a better boycott," Oct. 4, 1997


The price of peace

By Bob Jones

International | Before paying the UN, congressman suggests "accounting"

It's nowhere in sight now, but there is glory to come

International | The worship service focused on the celebration of the Lord's table. Just before coming to the table, the pastor noted that the Supper was in part a reminder…

America yawns as Africa burns

By Mindy Belz

International | Will the gospel of peace penetrate a violent, war-torn continent?

Going commercial

By Cal Thomas

National | Pilots are leaving the military, and Congress should ask why

Men in black are back

By John W. Alexander

National | Affirmative action case atop '97-'98 high-court agenda


National | In Missouri, the veto pen is mightier than the brick Events surrounding the victory in Missouri for pro-abortion forces last month showed that a governor is…



"I don't come here in denial." Acting IRS commissioner MICHAEL DOLAN, during his contrite appearance before the Senate Finance Committee after a week's worth…

This Week

Washington in brief Knee deep: The House on Sept. 25 backed off its demand that American troops in Bosnia be home by next summer, voting to approve a $247.5…


Real grief looks inside

By Joel Belz

But for most Brits, Diana's death was just a quick diversion

Amazing grace

By Marvin Olasky

Bulging mailbags bring some good news

An ordinary faith

Mother Teresa's life should prod us to go and do likewise


Be true to your school We received an avalanche of letters in response to the column, "A crazy idea: The tragedy of American college education" (Aug. 23/30).


Books: Revivals true and not

By George Grant

Books | Charles Spurgeon strikes a careful balance needed today

There she isn't

By Arsenio Orteza

Culture | The problem with beauty pageants is not the beauty part

Culture Notes

Culture | "Good night, and God bless" Red Skelton, who died in September, was a cultural icon who reminded us of what has been lost in contemporary culture. The son of…

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