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Whatever happened to sola fide?

Cover Story Sidebar | Last October I sat in the Memphis Liberty Bowl a Promise Keepers skeptic. Having come to examine the phenomenon firsthand, I thumbed through my program…

Cover Stories

Capital promises

by Edward E. Plowman

Cover Story | After Promise Keepers' huge rally in Washington, D.C., participants vow they'll strive to close the gap between words and actions.

In this issue: "Stand in the gap," Oct. 18, 1997


Can't kick the quick fix

By Mindy Belz

International | On heroin vote, Swiss show they're addicted to big brother

Incompetence defense

By Cal Thomas

National | Clinton stonewalling proves need for independent counsel

Billboard jungle

By Jay Grelen

National | On the theory that what's good for the troops is good for the commander, the Free Congress Foundation wants you to call if you have been sexually harassed by…

McMillan and husband

By Jay Grelen

National | The woman who came between Paula Jones and her lawyers acts as big sister and defender in what is likely to be the most significant sexual-harassment trial in…

Quite contrary

By R. Albert Mohler Jr.

National | Move to upgrade Mary's status slowed, but debate rages

Fanning the flames

By David Aikman

National | Newspaper, authorities turn up heat on black Baptist leader

Lost in the translation

National | Gender-guideline signers backing away, undermining accord

What I did on my summer vacation

By Edward E. Plowman

National | Wheaton professor attacks Dobson's role in preserving NIV; Dobson defends guidelines



Before he went to Promise Keepers, I had filed for divorce-it was that bad. But something dramatic occurred. I sent a frog and got back a prince. ALETHEA…

This Week

The world in brief Ending a formal three-year period of mourning, the reclusive son of North Korea's national founder Kim Il Sung took formal control of the…


Religion Notes

Religion | CAN can sue The Cult Awareness Network (CAN) may pursue its 1995 lawsuit against the Church of Scientology International and the church's Illinois unit, the…


Film: Soul food on ice

By Chris Stamper

Movies | Families coming apart in both the suburbs and the ghetto

Culture Notes

Culture | The other Disney of kids' programs Those boycotting Disney might do well to pay attention to who else is raising America's TV-addled children. Haim Saban, an…



No vouchers, please Thank you for your cover story on national assessments and their potential threat to locally controlled education ("This is only a test,"

Renewing vows

By Jay Grelen

Keeping faith in a faithless generation

More like a pipe wrench

By Joel Belz

Sometimes God goes beyond the box of finely machined tools

Send bears, not sheep

By Marvin Olasky

College survival suggestions from students and parents

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