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Cover Story

Sackcloth & Ashcroft

by Bob Jones

Cover Story | t's only 1997 and already Sen. John Ashcroft is making his move to become the candidate of the Christian right. A member of a Republican Congress that is…

In this issue: "Ashcroft 2000?," Oct. 11, 1997


A list of websites

By Mindy Belz

International | A list of websites

The need for speed

By Mindy Belz

International | Homespun computer network keeps missionaries in touch

The wrong message

By Cal Thomas

National | But here's common sense on sex from an unlikely source

Throwing the book at 'em

By Jay Grelen

National | As local prosecutors refuse to tackle "mainstream" kiddie porn, citizens across the country protest the retail peddlers



It's an old right-wing sort of Catholicism that's out of date, like her songs. Dublin record-store clerk CONNOR O'HANLON, on Dana Rosemary Scallon, a former…

This Week

Under a cloud Indonesia, in a blanket of heavy smoke caused by three-week-old forest fires, closed all its airports after a plane crash in the city of Medan…



Underground news I enjoyed Joel Belz's column, "Granola,not pablum" (Sept. 6), but you missed two important points. First, reading is down dramatically…

My little extra

By Barbara Curtis

Lessons in love from an unexpected teacher

A good offense is still best

By Joel Belz

From the United Kingdom comes evidence that defense isn't enough

Exercise due diligence

By Marvin Olasky

Questions to ask before selecting a Christian college


Music: No more confusion

By Arsenio Orteza

Music | Rockers show spiritual healing and backsliding from liberalism

Film: Royal nonsense

By Chris Stamper

Movies | But this enjoyable romance doesn't have to make sense

Books: Eternal culture wars

By George Grant

Books | Even after 1,500 years, Augustine is still quite up-to-date

Books: Hasta la vista, baby

By Chris Stamper

Books | A new so-called self-help book promotes family crack-ups

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