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The House Bulldog

by Bob Jones

Cover Story | The rap on the Senate hearings into fundraising abuses by the Clinton reelection team is that the laborious, colorless investigation is boring. Not so the…

Cover Stories

Burton's five most wanted

by Bob Jones

Cover Story | Following the money

In this issue: "Motel 1600," Sept. 6, 1997


Parenting by prescription

By Cal Thomas

National | Will the FDA clear the way for increased drugging of depressed kids?

Don't sweat it

By Greg Dabel

International | Operation Restore Democracy seems to be turning Haiti into the Western Hemisphere's biggest welfare recipient


National | Personnel is policy House Speaker Newt Gingrich has spent a lot of time lately trying to convince conservative Republicans that he's not abandoning their…

A 50-year dance with Washington's wolves

By Roy Maynard

National | Surveying the damage a half-century of "help" from the welfare system has visited upon a Native American people



"It's an abomination." -STEVE FORBES, magazine publisher and 1996 presidential candidate, criticizing the Clinton-Congress budget deal. Mr. Forbes denounced…

This Week

Labor pains Four days after jubilantly claiming victory in the Teamsters union's 15-day strike against UPS, top Teamster Ron Carey found himself out of a job.


Books: Love and marriage

By George Grant

Books | Covenant relationships, courtship, and wedded bliss

Culture Notes

Culture | The next fashionable perversion Now that homosexuality is becoming socially acceptable to the pop culture,new forms of perverse sexuality must come to the…

Music: The British Elvis lives

By Arsenio Orteza

Music | Cliff Richard keeps the faith in the world of pop music

Beltway Books: Inside the power plays

By Doug Bandow

Books | Power corrupts, but it doesn't have to corrupt absolutely


Down memory lane

By Marvin Olasky

Starting a new chapter in WORLD history: Weekly year 'round

The power of resolutions

Using the will of man to do the will of God


Market-driven fads I read the article on Christian bookselling ("Whatever happened to Christian publishing?" July 12/19) with great interest. I have owned a…

Granola, not pablum

By Joel Belz

A crunchy diet is part of WORLD's survival plan

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