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Cover Stories

The truth doesn't have to hurt

by Jay Grelen

Cover Story Sidebar | Proponents of those syndicated fundraising letters that use stereotypical profiles and make emotional appeals for money to buy food say the approach is…

Cover Stories

But it's for a good cause...

by Jay Grelen

Cover Story | The ends and means of mission fundraising

In this issue: "Urban mission fundraising," Sept. 27, 1997


Well-connected Riadys

By Mindy Belz

International | Lippo Group owners also have ties in the evangelical world

It's for the children

By Cal Thomas

National | To expand opportunity, expand students' education choices

GOP's zero-sum game

By Bob Jones

National | Republicans hope amendment to gut education department budget will force White House into compromise on testing; conservatives worry GOP leadership will cave…



"At each step, the heel of your leading foot did not pass the toe of the trailing foot by more than one inch. As a result, you required 13 minutes longer than…

This Week

I'd rather bait and switch Anti-tobacco lawyers are angry with President Clinton's 11th-hour objections to the $368.5 billion settlement hammered out this…



Beware of strings As parents of four children in private Christian schools we would benefit greatly from tuition tax credits or vouchers ("Yes, sir, Mr.

He stills my soul

By Margie Haack

When despair comes, God provides old men in Speedos

Making bureaucracy irrelevant

By Joel Belz

Why debate federal testing? Just ignore the testers

The Bad Deal

By Marvin Olasky

Sending a bad message with education lies


Video: Mr. Chips, join the NEA

By Pamela Johnson

Video | Videos on teachers mirror American educational decline

Beltway Books: Co-op or co-opt?

By Doug Bandow

Books | How government corrupts officials, cities, and charities

Film: Feel-bad movies

By Chris Stamper

Movies | A shift from postmodern games to facing the bitter truth

Music: Bookish rock 'n' roll

By Arsenio Orteza

Music | The Vigilantes of Love play for Christian romantics

Culture Notes

Culture | The rumors of the death of print have been greatly exaggerated The rise of the new electronic media means the end of the books, according to some futurists.

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