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This is only a test

by Bob Jones

Cover Story | But conservatives on Capitol Hill consider President Clinton's national testing plan an actual emergency-reasoning that federal standards will lead to federal…

In this issue: "Federal Testing," Sept. 13, 1997


Tibet or not Tibet?

By Mindy Belz

International | Broadening the alliance--But is coalition-building to advance the cause of persecuted Christians diluting distinctives? Pushing moral equivalence?

Spoiling a country

By Les Sillars

International | Canadian rod-sparers press their cause in the courts

Pro-choice on change?

By Cal Thomas

National | Condemnation of therapy for gays ignores patients' wishes

A discordant note

By Roy Maynard

National | Lawsuit asks: Are all taxpayers entitled to use public schools?

Judgment day nears

By Jay Grelen

National | Alabama's Ten Commandments judge awaits day in court



It's harder than outrunning the paparazzi. The former SARAH FERGUSON, Duchess of York, in an ad for Weight Watchers on the difficulty of losing weight. The ad…

This Week

Containing abortion The House and Senate approved measures last week aimed at containing abortion across the nation and overseas. The House on Sept. 4 backed…



Sin and death Despite the claims of B. B. Warfield, a theologian I hold in high esteem, the question of the antiquity of man is of great theological concern…

Fruit or firewood?

Faith on the offensive keeps the forces of darkness bottled up

Disciplines for the prosperous

By Joel Belz

It's when times are good that we need to buckle down

Welfare reformation

By Marvin Olasky

The same choice is before us: Bread and circuses, or Bible and work?


Beltway Books: Of pols and statesmen

By Doug Bandow

Books | Some problems are phony, while the real ones are ignored

Books: The lives of Plutarch

By George Grant

Books | Timeless lessons available from the classic book of virtues

Culture Notes

Culture | Psychology follies Members of the American Psychological Association, meeting in Chicago for their annual convention, did their best to feel good about…

Film: A tale of two Rambos

By Chris Stamper

Movies | Demi Moore goes macho while Sylvester Stallone gets real

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