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Update: Join the club

by The Editors

Cover Story | Johnny Hart, the soul and heart of the cartoon strips B.C. and the Wizard of Id, is happy that Mallard Fillmore is on the job as a reporter. That way, Mr.

Cover Stories

I'll never duck a controversy

by Jay Grelen

Cover Story | He walks and talks and quacks like a conservative, but he's much more than that. Meet Mallard Fillmore creator Bruce Tinsley, a cartoonist as politically…

In this issue: "The Man Behind the Duck," July 26, 1997


Books: Not for the beachbag

By Mindy Belz

International | But these stories of persecution make good summer reading

Lions vs. Pastor Lamb

By Cal Thomas

International | Communist persecution and the growth of Christ's church

"I really, really do"

By Roy Maynard

National | Louisiana law makes marriage and divorce more difficult

Skating to victory

By Roy Maynard

National | After surprise win, pastor-politician wants to prove himself

The welfare hydra

By Jay Grelen

National | The architect of last year's reform has new battles to fight



The only way William Weld is going to Mexico is as a tourist. Legislative aide to Sen. Jesse Helms, who is opposing the liberal Republican's appointment to be…

This Week

Made for television Telegenic Sen. Fred Thompson, an actor who returned to his native Tennessee from Hollywood and was elected as a Republican in 1994, is…


Philosophical doubleheader

By Marvin Olasky

First, the battle for the Bible; now, the battle for biblical journalism


A high calling Thank you for your comments on the role of chaplains and the battles we face ("Lead us not into temptation," May31/June 7). I am an Army…

Starting over

By Joel Belz

Why do we deprive our children of the sweetest riches? If ideas have consequences, and they do, here's one of the most painful: Ideas can be expensive.

The Genesis of the problem

By The Editors

The church can debate the question of creation without creating new divisions


John Woo: Training up a director

By Pamela Johnson

Culture | How many times have churches, Sunday School classes, and families selected an overseas child to sponsor with monetary and educational support and then seen…

Film: Lost in the cosmos

By Chris Stamper

Movies | Summer hits capture our alien nation's fixation on aliens

Culture Notes

Culture | Tonga's cyber-admonitions The proliferation of the World Wide Web has meant that many of the good names for websites have already been taken. In the United…

Books: Patriotism for children

By George Grant

Books | By the real author of nearly everything you read as a ki

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