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More than just a grain of truth

Cover Story | It is not right, it is not necessary, and it is unconscionable not to exert our influence

Cover Stories

So long Hong Kong

by Mindy Belz

Cover Story | As China prepares to gobble up the once-free Hong Kong, Congress is considering whether to put Beijing on a diet-

In this issue: "Hong Kong," June 28, 1997


Morality in motion

By Cal Thomas

National | Clinton's lukewarm opposition to cloning likely to grow cold

Disney boycott

By Bob Jones

National | Clash of the kingdoms

Farewell to arms

By Bob Jones

National | Liberalism defeated, SBC messengers enjoy their harmony

One-on-one defense

National | Church mentoring program for at-risk kids is paying off

Go East, rich man

International | Hong Kong emigres to Canada remain under the crown



We are not going to have a confessed adulterer as supreme head of the Church of England. DAVID STREETER, director of the Church Society, the senior…

This Week

Sowing and reaping At a New Jersey prom, an 18-year-old high school senior gave birth in a bathroom stall, wrapped her 6-pound 6-ounce newborn in a plastic…


Adult about adultery

By Joel Belz

Don't count on the rules-but don't discard them, either

Academic respectability

By Gene Edward Veith

Christian colleges that strive after it can expect intellectual mediocrity


It takes TEEM work Thanks for your May 3/10 cover story on the legal hurdles to effective welfare reform and the related article about The Education and…

First Amendment, R.I.P.

By Marvin Olasky

Without a proper understanding, it's just as good as dead


Culture Notes

Culture | Talk to your tots New studies suggest that the number of different words an infant hears may be the best predictor of later intelligence, success in school,

Beltway Books: The law and its victims

By Doug Bandow

Books | Legal paralysis, free-market virtue, and the ghosts of war

Books: Oakes solid

By George Grant

Books | William F. Buckley's spy novels stand the test of time

Music: P"rt of the old world

By Terry Yount

Music | Estonian composer on contemporary classical's cutting edge

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