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Bailing Out of the Stealth Bible

by Susan Olasky

Cover Story | Facing a revolt in pulpits and pews across the country, Zondervan Publishing House and the International Bible Society abandoned changes in the NIV--all the…

Cover Stories

WORLD's response to IBS's ethics charges

by The Editors

Cover Story Sidebar | To the extent that the International Bible Society's (IBS) formal ethics charges with the Evangelical Press Association echo those submitted by Zondervan…

Cover Stories

2-1/2 or 3

by The Editors

Cover Story Sidebar | Still pending, in spite of Zondervan's and IBS's withdrawal of plans to revise the NIV, is a series of journalistic ethics charges by the two groups against…

Cover Stories

WORLD's response to Zondervan's ethics charges

by The Editors

Cover Story Sidebar | I) WORLD's reporting was professional, careful, internally consistent, thoroughly documented, and verified by the fact that 10 weeks after the story was first…

Cover Stories

IBS Press Release: International Bible Society Halts revision process of NIV Bible

by The Editors

Cover Story Sidebar | NIV Sponsor/Copyright Holder Puts Commitment to Serve the Church Ahead of Market Concerns

In this issue: "Bailing Out," June 14, 1997


Delay, deny, deceive

By Cal Thomas

National | President Clinton's three-part strategy to avoid Paula Jones

No right turn

By Mindy Belz

International | France's left turn threatens to provoke an E.U. crash

Into the mainstream

International | Upstart conservative party becomes official opposition

The limits of tolerance

National | Backlash over sex party for S.F.'s elite nearly kills bond issue


This Week

Land for death Israeli police claimed to have "direct proof" linking Yasser Arafat's Palestinian Authority to the killing of two Arab land brokers who sold…


I am not in the closet. I am not coming out of the closet. I am not gay. Entertainment superstar OPRAH WINFREY, making the countercultural admission after an…



Relentless pursuit of the facts Janet Reno's behavior is unconscionable ("Attorney/client privilege," April 26). The Congress, the Senate Judiciary Committee,

Throw the book at us, please

By Marvin Olasky

By today's establishment standards, WORLD must be judged unethical

Quantity quality time

By Steven J. Cole

The best Father's Day reward is to enjoy your kids while you can

Getting trust back

By Joel Belz

First things first: It's better to deal with the real issues

Zondervan's complaint; WORLD's response

By Joel Belz

Full text of complaints; WORLD responses


Film: Godzilla revisited

By Chris Stamper

Movies | Hollywood invents postmodern monsters for a lost world

Books: I'd rather be in Mitford

By George Grant

Books | Portrait of a small town shows practical Christianity at work

Beltway Books: Words and deeds

By Doug Bandow

Books | New books show politicians and businessmen need both

Culture Notes

Culture | Going postal Purists are upset about the newest 32-cent stamp from the U.S. Postal Service, which features none other than that wascally wabbit, Bugs Bunny.

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