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Cover Stories

It takes TEEM work

by Roy Maynard

Cover Story | More than legal hurdles make welfare-to-work difficult

Cover Stories

Suing the Good Samaritan

Cover Story | After all the high-minded and bipartisan talk heard during the April 27-29 Presidents' Summit for America's Future, it's time to think about some of the…

In this issue: "Welfare Reform on Trial," May 3, 1997


Burma's rain of terror

By Mindy Belz

International | Testimony on Burmese persecution of Christian minorities pushes the White House to act; a separate court ruling may make American multinational company liable…

Going the gay way, eh?

National | Homosexual activists make big inroads in Canada's schools

The motives police

By Cal Thomas

National | What if Mr. Dole's loan was simply an act of courtesy?

Adult films, kids' jerseys

By Jay Grelen

National | Little-league parents in a big-league battle over porn flicks


This Week

The smoking gun For the past month and a half, WORLD has been trying to get a straight answer to a simple question: Are Zondervan Publishing House and the…



No problems solved Your April 12 article on the IRS seemed rather taxing. There are reasons that such a complex system has survived and flourished. If you…

Still countercultural

By Barbara Curtis

A former feminist looks at the rewards of motherhood

Farewell to freelancers

By Joel Belz

After playing the game this long, is there really no rule book?

Spooked by the zeitgeist

By James Dobson

Don't give in to feminist pressure to rewrite the Scriptures


Real real estate

By John W. Alexander

Books | Secure property rights are at the heart of liberty

Dark side of the force

By Pamela Johnson

Movies | Joseph Campbell, Star Wars, and Hollywood's new religion

Culture Notes

Culture | The limits of hype When radio sleaze-jock Howard Stern made a movie about his life, print and broadcast journalists hyped it big-time. The R-rated Private…

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