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Cover Story

He Said, She Said

by Roy Maynard

Cover Story | &quotWhen I die, I want to be buried in St. Martin Parish so I can remain politically active.&quot-Louisiana Gov. Earl K. Long (1895-1960) Woody…

In this issue: "Louisiana's Buy-You-Election," May 17, 1997


Blair's theology

International | Why I am a Christian

Looking for leadership

By Cal Thomas

International | Thatcherism still lives, but no one's man enough to lead it

Demitasse liberalism

By Mindy Belz

International | Tony Blur: A real '90s guy takes over at 10 Downing Street

Class dismissed

By Jay Grelen

National | Pornography as literature on a Christian college campus? Bethel College student's complaint raises serious questions of academic freedom and Christian…



White House officials and Democratic lawmakers say they are confident the Republicans will accept the one hundred million dollars in Medicare savings, the…

This Week

Tobacco road Ten days after a federal district judge OK'd the Food and Drug Administration's plan to regulate tobacco as a drug, a Florida jury found R.J.


Stemming the drift

By Joel Belz

Trying to identify why the magnetic tug is always in one direction

Work without faith is dead

By Marvin Olasky

Publicity surrounding the volunteer summit missed the point

Man of conscience

How to do what's right when no one but God is looking


Ideas have consequences As a professional church musician who just ended a 7-1/2 year stint in a mainline denomination, I can tell you that the excuses and…


Culture Notes

Culture | Cancelled...with gratitude Three long-running sitcoms that have been milking laughs from America's family pathologies have at last been cancelled. Married...

Film: The road less traveled

By Pamela Johnson

Movies | Paradise Road , the latest from Chariots of Fire director Bruce Beresford, recounts the actual experiences of a group of European women and children captured by…

Film: Whatever floats your boot

By Chris Stamper

Movies | Restored U-boat thriller shows the claustrophobia of human ideologies

Books: Medieval mysteries

By George Grant

Books | Page-turning historical fiction about an age of sin and faith

Beltway Books: Think tanks, pundits

By John W. Alexander

Books | Teacher pay, foreign policy, and moonlighting columnists

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