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Cover Story

Then and Now

by Bob Jones

Cover Story | Ten years after her involvement with Gary Hart shipwrecked a presidential campaign, Donna Rice Hughes still deals in monkey business--but she's on the other…

In this issue: "Donna Rice Hughes," April 19, 1997


How to treat tyranny

By Mindy Belz

International | Broad evangelical coalition urges political pressure on behalf of their beleaguered brothers, but some evangelicals support business as usual and lobby to…

Nothing to sniff at

By Bob Jones

National | Burton's congressional investigation is hot on the trail

Zondervan's view: Not serving the feminist agenda

By The Editors

National | The Committee on Bible Translation is the decision-maker for the NIV, and sources within it speak to the accuracy of WORLD's account. Spokesmen for two other…

Comparing the two NIVs

National | The New International Version Inclusive Language Edition, already available in England (Hodder and Stoughton, 1996), allows comparison of the current NIV and…

The battle for the Bible

By Susan Olasky

National | Zondervan, IBS claim concern over the "gender-accurate" Bible is merely a false alarm, but critics will not back down



It's more trade. Canadian Prime Minister JEAN CHRETIEN, during a Rose Garden news conference, in answer to a reporter's question about the problem of illegal…

This Week

Not with taxpayer money Anticipating a ruling at the Supreme Court that would be to doctor-assisted suicide what Roe vs. Wade was to abortion, the House of…


The ultimate journalistic sin

By Joel Belz

We stand by our story, and we didn't make up any quotes

A dying day?

By William H. Smith

Keeping the Sabbath doesn't have to be drudgery


No sinister conspiracy Regarding "Femme fatale" by Susan Olasky in the March 29 issue: The article was so slanted that it was hardly an example of fair and…

The courage to be booed

By Marvin Olasky

We should overcome the daily temptations to place man's favor above God's


Always reforming

By George Grant

Books | Volumes on Reformed theology, classic and contemporary

Fall and rise of nations

By Doug Bandow

Books | Europe declines, Asia rises , and America hangs on the brink

The World Weird Web

By Chris Stamper

Culture | Heaven's Gate not the only fringe religion on the Internet

Culture Notes

Culture | Have cable, must carry The Supreme Court upheld the law that requires cable TV systems to carry all local stations. The ruling represents a reprieve for…

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