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Cover Story

Taxing America's patience

by Bob Jones

Cover Story | April 15: It's a rite of spring Americans have learned to endure. But a growing number are expressing frustration at the increasing complexity and unfairness…

In this issue: "Spring Draining," April 12, 1997


The new collectives

By Mindy Belz

International | In the provinces, Russian officials bully religious freedom and insist on state-sponsored worship

Hell at Heaven's Gate

National | Computer cult merely a new take on ancient Gnosticism

Champagne, anyone?

By Cal Thomas

National | A toast to Vice President Gore's former views on China

Taking the land, not the financial responsibility

By Roy Maynard

National | Local officials tell Washington to take it all or leave it alone



Morris makes my hair stand on end. Former Labor Secretary ROBERT REICH, on his disdain for political consultant Dick Morris, whose advice President Clinton…

This Week

Easter in China Not just a tourist without a compass, Newt Gingrich did more than ask the U.S. embassy whether it was safe to go to church while in China on…


We could have done better

By Joel Belz

So in place of infallibility, we offer humility

True deconstructionism

By Marvin Olasky

Conservative literature on campus smashes cultural icons


A refreshing attitude Thank you for the wonderful photographs of Ron Greer (March 22). Their bright humor has injected some much-needed lightness into the…

It doesn't add up

By Margie Haack

A few thoughts on rendering unto Caesar


Nutrition vs. quackery

By George Grant

Books | Books on how to raise personal health through self-control

A moral infrastructure

By Doug Bandow

Books | The economy, like the rest of society, demands a moral base

New age, old story

By Arsenio Orteza

Music | Christian artists' collaboration sets Celtic legends to music

Culture Notes

Culture | Cults and the new media The mass suicide of 39 members of the Higher Source cult in Rancho Santa Fe, Calif., demonstrates how the new information media can be…

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