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The evolution backlash: Debunking Darwin

by Nancy R. Pearcey

Cover Story | Intelligent Design: This broad, new movement sets aside differences among creationists, makes important scientific inroads

In this issue: "Evolution Counter-Revolution," March 1, 1997



National | Man knows not his time A forgotten hero of the cold war died on July 19, according to the UK's Sunday Telegraph. Born in 1936, Alexander Ginzburg worked as a…



" Republican strategists hope the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruling against the Pledge of Allegiance (see p. 80) is a political opportunity. They…

This Week

More campaign cash The presidential motorcade was rolling down Manhattan's West Side Highway on the way to the posh East 96th Street townhome of Shelby and…



Arrogant, out-of-place criticism Your criticism (Feb. 8, 1997) of Tony Campolo's remarks at the inauguration prayer service seems arrogant and out of place.


Culture Notes

Culture | Psyched out In another twist in the controversy over &quothidden-camera" journalism, ABC News was vindicated in its expos' of psychic hotlines. In 1993,

Film: Shakespeare uncut

By Pamela Johnson

Movies | The Bard is nearly tamper-proof, but Kenneth Branagh's full-text Hamlet lets the Christian poet speak for himself

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