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Cover Story

Home court advantage

by Roy Maynard

Cover Story | Far removed from the high-powered politics of intrigue inside the Washington Beltway, state family policy councils are dealing with Beltway issues on the…

In this issue: "JOhn Q. Citizen," Feb. 8, 1997


Feasting with Fidel

By Mindy Belz

International | Two American politicians ignore the Cuban dictator's true colors: Over dinner, one asks, &quotAre you torturing political prisoners?" Castro says,

800-pound guerrilla

International | Is the United States prepared for the new kind of warfare?

Missionary Briefs

International | Will work for food Zaire's recent troubles force added burdens on mission agencies with workers in the central African nation. The Berean Mission,

Valentines on the stroll

By Roy Maynard

National | &quotLittle Sister" ministers to prostitutes looking for love in all the wrong places--and points them to the one right place

Cash And Caffeine

By Cal Thomas

National | The president's cream and sugar cannot disguise the bitter taste of the White House-DNC campaign-finance scandal



Mistakes were made. PRESIDENT CLINTON in a news conference in response to questions about the propriety of Democratic National Committee fundraising. Well, it…

This Week

Silence of the shepherds III A preacher's first obligation is to speak God's truth--wisely and warmly, clearly and courageously. Sometimes, there are lapses.


Who will deliver us?

By Joel Belz

At least AOL has private competition; USPS is the only game in town

Strange bedfellows

By William H. Smith

Carville, Matalin, and the meaning of marriage

Out of spiritual slavery

By Marvin Olasky

Booker T. Washington pointed to the Bible to lead the way


Civil rights and wrongs

By Doug Bandow

Books | Fighting racism requires more than simplistic solutions

Exploring pop culture

By George Grant

Books | Historical novels provide keen insight into its arcane origins

TV: Third Rate

By Gene Edward Veith

Culture | TV ratings beset by vague, inconsistent application

Culture Notes

Culture | Welfare for TV moguls? The last technical bugs are being worked out of digital TV, which will deliver such outstanding picture quality that it could start a…

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