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Cover Story

Deuteronomy duo

by Bob Jones

Cover Story | Increasingly, Jews and Christians are sharing more than one testament of Holy Scripture. As America drifts farther from its Judeo-Christian moorings, orthodox…

In this issue: "Chistendon's Kosher Allies," Feb. 15, 1997


Pitching my tent

International | with World Havest in Uganda Just before I returned for my second term of ministry in Uganda, I purchased a little tent. Way in the back of my mind I had a…

Africa's politically incorrect phoenix

By Mindy Belz

International | President Chiluba prods Zambia to be a &quotChristian nation"

An answer to prayer

National | Lawsuit gives school prayer meetings a broader attendance

"The strength of America is not in Washington"

National | Excerpts from J.C. Watts' response to the State of the Union

The era of lots of little government

By Cal Thomas

National | The president's address included something for everyone



CBS News! They got any internships open down there? A Suburban Hospital (Bethesda, Md.) ambulance volunteer to CBS television correspondent Eric Engberg, who…

This Week

Killing the patient A Florida judge became the first state jurist in the nation to support doctor-assisted suicide. In a case sponsored by the ACLU, Circuit…



His own petard? I read with interest your story of the tactics used by Ken Ham's enemies to silence him and his ministry (&quotCreating controversy," Jan.

Higher love

By Carl H. F. Henry

Modern sexual "candor" has set us back

The lie is marching on

By Joel Belz

Debate over four issues shows that only God changes minds

Too busy to blubber

By Marvin Olasky

Racial progress requires work, not wimpy platitudes



By Doug Bandow

Books | Murray makes the case for a moral libertarianism

This is now

By George Grant

Books | Carlyle's Victorian jeremiads valuable for today's culture

Something to cry for

By Pamela Johnson

Movies | Silver-screen Evita pushes totalitarianism Hollywood-style

Culture Notes

Culture | Burger chain gives Rodman the boot The Carl's Jr. hamburger chain pulled its TV commercials featuring cross-dressing basketball star Dennis Rodman after the…

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