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The power of The purse

Cover Story | &quotAt some point," White House press secretary Mike McCurry told reporters last month, &quotour goal here obviously is to dump all this stuff, flush…

In this issue: "Follow the Greenback Road," Jan. 25, 1997


Madeleine Albright's utopian universalism

By Mindy Belz

National | Secretary of State-designate's faith in multilateralism may provide some direction to Clinton's ad-hoc foreign policy, but will it turn the military into a…

We're all fallible

By Cal Thomas

National | The pope, evolution, and the importance of good translation

Creating controversy

By Bob Jones

National | Plans for creation museum met with big bang in Kentucky


National | Super Bowl glory The original New England Patriots two centuries ago (Samuel Adams, quarterback) were strongly motivated by Christian faith. Judging by…



Newt Gingrich's problem, I've always thought, he's like Lenin. They both made a revolution by shooting people--Newt shot Democrats, Lenin shot everybody--and…

This Week

The scarlet letter Fear that &quotthe people's business" is being ignored amidst the partisan wrangling over ethics charges and countercharges in…


Less is more

By Joel Belz

How to shrink government without losing its essential functions

God of the universe

The question is not about life on Mars, but life on Earth


PCUSA: Still just a suggestion In the Dec. 28, 1996/Jan. 4, 1997, issue you report erroneous information regarding an action of the Presbyterian Church (USA)

Professor Newt

By Marvin Olasky

Since when is it a crime to teach an ideological alternative?


The culture of freedom

By Doug Bandow

Books | Books on libertarianism, the news media, and World War II

I am, therefore...

By George Grant

Books | Two foundational books on how to think as a Christian

From the other side

By Arsenio Orteza

Music | Gospel music from &quotsecular" artists who have come to faith

Culture Notes

Culture | Free (-market) TV The Supreme Court will rule on the constitutionality of the government's &quotmust carry" regulations that require cable operators to…

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