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Cover Story

The Year in Review

by The Editors

Cover Story | WORLD's Top Ten (plus one) for 1996

In this issue: "Year in Review 1996," Dec. 28, 1996


The Great Commission, its foes, and everything else in between

By Mindy Belz

International | God's redemptive work and Satan's response: Ten important international flareups in 1996


This Week

The tie that binds A group of religious leaders two weeks ago met with Maryland Gov. Parris Glendening and told him that the government--not the church--is…


Culture Notes

Culture | Winning the debate Cultural conservatives seem to have won the argument over the bad moral effects of TV. President Clinton, liberal policy experts, and even…

Books: Grant's Top Ten

By George Grant

Culture | WORLD's book critic lists his 10 favorite reads in 1996

Beltway Books: Ten that might've been overlooked

By Doug Bandow

Culture | Ten history, politics, and policy books whose importance is felt well beyond the beltway


Undoing damage

By Joel Belz

Social experimentation always carries costs

Media mackerels of '96

By Marvin Olasky

A few of the biggest fish stories in mainstream journalism

The message of the dying

Live a life that will have meaning long after obituaries have faded

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