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Cover Story

WORLD'S Third Annual &quotNo Little People"

Cover Story | Conronted with the suffering around us, most people conclude they're not equipped to change the course of human existence. Some wonder if their lives make a…

In this issue: "Lifelines: No little people," Dec. 14, 1996


Where are they now?

By Mindy Belz

International | What ever happened to Harry Wu, Scott McChrystal, Branko Lovrec, Ura Tchekhovski, and Allison Culpeper? A year-end update on some international heroes of 1996

White House whitewash

By Cal Thomas

National | Reno's inaction helps the Clinton strategy of delay, delay, delay



Please use a condom. South African archbishop DESMOND TUTU, appearing in a television commercial timed to coincide with World AIDS Day. Mr. Tutu reiterated…

This Week

A day of infamy The understated headline on an AP dispatch announcing the news unwittingly told it all: "Hawaii Judge OKs Gay Marriage." And just like that,


Journalistic shepherds

By Joel Belz

Our editorial staff must pass a rigorous three-part test

The offense of Christmas

By The Editors

It's warm but not fuzzy: The mystery, the miracle, the message

God and sinner reconciled

By Marvin Olasky

My Christmas story: From Marxism to the one true Monarchy


More than politics

By Doug Bandow

Books | Christmas sanctifies activism, but not without Christ

"God bless us, every one"

By George Grant

Books | Dickens's exploration of faith shines in his Christmas tales

Another Xmas movie Xtravaganza

By Pamela Johnson

Movies | Puppies, toys, basketball, and Borgs--but Christ is X'd out of these Christmas-season films

What child is this, anyhow?

By Arsenio Orteza

Music | Christian dulcimer artist makes "best-recordings-ever" list

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