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Cover Story

Heroin Chic

by Gene Edward Veith

Cover Story | As drugs mainline into popular culture, drug wars are not enough. We are becoming a nation of lotus eaters. As our legal system overloads to the point of…

In this issue: "Glamorizing Drugs," Nov. 9, 1996


Eyes on the prize, rulers ignore war

By Mindy Belz

International | Muslim rioting in Java crushes Christians and burns churches; instability spawns more fear

Monkey business

By Cal Thomas

National | By embracing evolution, the pope undercut his authority

The heat is on

National | Idaho prosecutor: old law, new plan to curb teen pregnancy

Adoption today: Safe, legal, more common

National | Courts, Congress, and new attitudes making adoption easier



There is no right to die. Supreme Court Justice ANTONIN SCALIA, speaking Oct. 18 at Catholic University's School of Philosophy. The Supreme Court has agreed…

This Week

Unfinished business Even though President Clinton didn't use the campaign to lay out his vision for four more years, last week provided a glimpse of the…


A long, cold winter

By Joel Belz

Which is worse: to manhandle the Bible or to ignore it?

Sour grapes

By The Editors

Grape juice is the evangelical drink of choice

Calvin's antidote

By Marvin Olasky

The arrogance of man meets the majesty of God


Histories, mysteries

By George Grant

Books | Three works bring fact and fiction together in the truth

Sinful governments

By Doug Bandow

Books | History of statecraft is strewn with evidence of original sin

Rule, Brittania

By Pamela Johnson

Movies | Film depictions of Brittania show it's still better to be civilized than to be barbarian

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