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Cover Story

Faces in the cloud

by Mindy Belz

Cover Story | Modern martyrs show the danger of life in God's kingdom

In this issue: "Modern martyrs," Nov. 30, 1996


Wishing upon a Starr

National | Congress' probes over Congressional GOP will await results of special prosecutor's Whitewater investigation; have no interest in more hearings

Witnesses for the prosecution

By Jay Grelen

National | Darwin on Trial author brings together anti-Darwin coalition to bring down evolution

And now a word from our sponsor, Bill Clinton

By Jay Grelen

National | Clinton campaign used FCC rules to buy misleading ads on Christian radio; one company gave proceeds to charity



A fib within a falsehood wrapped in a fabrication. Washington Post columnist RICHARD COHEN's Churchillesque description of the Clinton administration's…

This Week

Inventing a candidate (by Cal Thomas) You might think that a post-election cruise for conservatives sponsored by National Review would resemble a wake,


Very intelligent design

By Joel Belz

It beats waiting around for something else to evolve

Temporal things

By Margie Haack

Only God can keep his treasured possessions forever


By Marvin Olasky

A few reasons why we do the things we do


The Christian calling

By Doug Bandow

Books | Common beliefs to the contrary, "profit" is not a dirty word

Books: More blessed to give

By George Grant

Culture | Although with these gifts, the getting is pretty nice, too

Sinners in need of a ransom

By Pamela Johnson

Movies | Mel Gibson stars in a Ron Howard film that explores every parent's worst nightmare

Culture Notes

Culture | Mr. Potter owns Bedford Falls In yet another real-life twist on the holiday classic It's a Wonderful Life (see WORLD Nov. 23), the proverbial Mr. Potter saves…

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