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Cover Stories

The 1996-97 Supreme court term

by Bob Jones

Cover Story | A preview of several key cases

Cover Stories

A court after his own image

Cover Story | Presidents come, presidents go. But a president's legacy lives on through his appointments to the federal courts. So far, Mr. Clinton's legacy is a judiciary…

In this issue: "Tipping the Scales," Oct. 5, 1996


Has the salt lost its saltiness in Leipzig?

International | Seven years after a spiritually led anti-communist revolution in East Germany, a fred people face another kind of bondage


By Cal Thomas

National | A round-up up happenings on the abortion front.

Here's to an open mind

By Cal Thomas

National | Pro-abort Marge Roukema's vote shows persuasion works

Where there's smoke...

By Roy Maynard

National | . . . there's political fire--as well as economic and moral issues



Unwelcome is unwelcome at any age. North Carolina public educator JANE MARTIN, explaining the rationale behind the punishment of 6-year-old Johnathan…

This Week

Standing by the man In 1992, when Bill Clinton had problems with an Arkansas woman who talked too much, he brought out wife Hillary to face down a 60 Minutes…


First, the molehill

By Joel Belz

If you want to move mountains, you have to start small

Believing is seeing

By Margie Haack

Kirby Puckett's vision is impaired, but his worldview is clear

Spook the secularists...

By Marvin Olasky

. . . and celebrate the greatest banned book on Reformation Day


Culture Notes

Culture | Hollywood's summertime blues Despite blockbuster hits such as Twister, Mission Impossible, and Independence Day, the summer movie season as a whole turned out…

Journalist strikes back

By Doug Bandow

Books | Will wonders ever cease? Reporter criticizes affirmative action

Pro-Life evangelism

By George Grant

Books | Pro-life activism: Deadly detour or high road to the gospel?

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